Hi soon-to-be Six-Figure Freelancer ! 

We’re SO excited for you to get your hands on the $10K Template! 

Inside you’ll find killer information on how to write emails to posted gigs that seal the deal and get you paid!

No exaggeration here - when I figured out HOW to write emails in a way that snapped every potential client’s head to attention, my business got REALLY interesting. 

People replied within minutes, offered me my going rate - even when they claimed their budget was teeny-tiny. 

I found companies I could work with and grow into SUPER lucrative long-term retainers - which is why I started to call this baby the $10K Template.

Think of getting that $10K as a chess game. The idea is to WOW quality clients and projects and depending on the size, grow them into everything you want them to be. 

There are three parts to this starter pack to help you hit the ground running (yep, today!) immediately. 

  1. Listen to the instructional audio. The lesson is jam packed with helpful tips and tricks for scouring the Internet for quality leads and general $10K Template instruction so you’ll feel confident putting your emails together immediately.

  2. Review the three different types of $10K Template samples. These samples are ACTUAL emails that scored me gigs worth THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of dollars in retainers - and are a huge part of getting those first quality retainers! 

  3. Fill out the included $10K Template breakdown. 
    Practice makes perfect! Find a potential gig on the Internet and write your first official $10K Template - and then send it!

Ready to have your inbox flooded with replies from posted gigs wanting to work with you?

Let’s get started!


J + A 


Instructor Bio:

Ten years ago Jenny went from her last $75 bucks as a struggling waitress to launching her own freelance copywriting business that she scaled to six-figures.She didn’t have a fancy website (or any website) when she locked down her first $100K with just two clients, a hotmail account and every Friday off.Fast forward to now and that’s exactly what Jenny helps new and experienced freelancers do. Make more money with fewer clients. Thanks to her bestie-in-crime Alex, they scaled Jenny's original business to multiple six-figures while helping others earn their first six-figs and beyond.Jenny also loves to eat. A lot.

Jenny Beres

Co-Founder of Six & Up CEO and Pink Shark PR