You weren’t born to just make it through the day. Your soul is destined to SLAY.

Somebody grab a drum and bust out the marching band because we’ve created an event so MONUMENTAL it deserves stadium-sized seating. 

And even though the social distancing gods aren’t going to let us reserve the Staple's Center right now, we’ve never let anything stand in the way of helping YOU up-level every aspect of your life, from the core of your business to the very core of your being. 

And reaching new heights in the heart of a pandemic is no different. We don’t want to just help you grow during this time, we want to help you SOAR in any economic climate.


Scratch that...what we really want is for you to SLAY while in quarantine.


But we’re going out on a limb and guessing your confidence isn’t as strong as you’d like it to be. Or maybe it just took a hit and you’ve got the urge to send live-wire shock-waves through some aspect of your life.

We get it. We all went to sleep on a regular Monday and woke up in some twisted Tim Burton/Twilight Zone hybrid reality. 

But even the most twisted times in history were prime for reinvention. Consider this time the reset button you’ve been praying for.

That’s right, this is your moment to FINALLY blow up your past self and glow up to who the f*ck you and your business were meant to be. 

The truth is you haven’t made your time, your schedule, or your dreams a priority. You haven't let your guard down and broken open your Cristal-level creativity.

Whelp, like it or not, the universe just rolled out the red carpet for you to get your crap together and get serious about your dreams.

So NOW is the time to learn everything you can and become the BALLER you were  meant to be.

If you haven’t been able to see all the nooks and crannies of possibility still available to you, you probably couldn’t see them before COVID hit. 

If that’s true (and we’re guessing it is), the roadblocks you were facing weren’t due to what’s happening around you, they’re because of what’s happening INSIDE you.


We’ve been preaching about this for weeks, years actually—empires are built from the inside out. 

So, if you’re struggling to find your purpose, if you can’t sell your EXPERT-LEVEL services, or if you just KNOW your ready for a lifestyle shift…

It’s time to shake up your thinking and decide to SLAY BABY SLAY. 

What you NEED is some badass, next level inspiration from the best and brightest CEOs, business owners, and spiritual experts out there who are KILLING it in their area of genius at this VERY moment. 


Alex and I are firm believers in learning from the best of the best and paying that knowledge forward.

No matter what we learn or who we learn from, this is what we know about being successful…

Your dreams will STOP growing if YOU stop growing. 

And you can’t dominate on autopilot.

Autopilot is where dreams go to die, no matter what’s happening in the world.

So, we made a decision. Instead of preaching about transformation, we're going to hand deliver you ALL the next-level motivation you've been waiting for.


We are pulling together a diamond-crusted cast of CEOs, business-owners, coaches, and personalities for an ongoing, online, virtual summit to end all virtual summits.



If you’re wondering how other people are killing it in quarantine. If you want to know how to get your million dollar ideas working NOW. If you're itching to get your hands on the deepest, juiciest business secrets of people  making MAJOR money...

Let us proudly introduce… 

SLAY at Home Virtual Summit


SLAY at Home Virtual Summit is an arsenal of business, coaching, mindset, lifestyle, and money-making knowledge. This virtual summit isn’t your average one-day gathering of nonstop, brain-numbing meetings with stuffy speakers. (Lord help us if we EVER do anything that serves sugar cookies and boxed coffee in a lobby.)


🔥Our speakers are f*cking FIRE.🔥


We searched far and wide to bring you THE masterminds in lifestyle and business creation and curation.


Don’t take our word for it…take a look yourself: 

* Katelyn Magnuson - of The Freelance CFO
*Amy Bradbury - of Empowered Profit
*Erin Claire Jones - Human Design Guide & Leadership Coach
*Paige Michelle - Human Design & Business Growth Expert


If you’re sick of spending your time alone worrying about where to turn to next or what to do.

If you’re ready to hear the best tips and tricks to reinventing your life.

If you want to meet insane money goals this quarter. 


SLAY AT HOME VIRTUAL SUMMIT is the shot of adrenaline you NEED. 

 Whether you want to attend every speaker’s event, or pick and choose who you hear from, we have specifically designed this virtual summit to become the perfect recipe for your success.

Think of it as a choose-your-own-adventure to KICKING ASS.



And here’s the BEST part...IT'S ALL FREE. 💰💰

Each of our speakers WANT to bring you their knowledge, because helping YOU is a cause near and dear to their hearts! They don't want you to suffer through this pandemic, they WANT to bring you life-altering content to make you all that yo can be! 

Now is your chance to change your life, stop playing like a small business, and take your seat at the high-roller table.

So what are you waiting for? Come SLAY with us!


Interested in presenting and being a part of the SLAY at Home Virtual Summit?