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Can’t get enough of our #sundaysermons?⛪️

Wish you could go back and replay your favorites as much as you want? HATE missing one, or not being able to have them on repeat? Or do you simply just want MORE?

Your prayers have been answered! Now, Jenny is taking you to church anytime you need a swift $ixers kick in the pants. 

Introducing: Six & Up Sunday School: A Sunday Sermon Collection

We’ve curated 11 hours (and growing) of our most powerful Sunday Sermons and bundled them into one easy-to-watch collection. Get inspired, motivated, and revved up on repeat any day of the week! After all, who said sermons were just reserved for Sundays?

Get “Sunday”for Friday ‘til this coming Monday for just $27!

Can we get an AMEN? 🙏

Jenny Beres

Jenny Beres

Co-Founder of Six & Up CEO and Pink Shark PR

Jenny Beres is the Co-Founder of Six and Up and Pink Shark PR, where she's busy helping her clients get rich, famous or both. An Influencer Outreach powerhouse, Jenny was one of the first ever pioneers of Influencer Marketing, and her proprietary sales strategies have helped big companies 10X their Influencer generated sales. 

Through Six and Up courses and coaching, she helps other entrepreneurs become world-class service providers, strategists and leading experts in their field - with a multiple six-figure income (scaling to a million) to match.

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