Can’t get enough of our #sundaysermons?⛪️

Wish you could go back and replay your favorites as much as you want?

HATE missing one, or not being able to have them on repeat?

Or do you simply just want MORE? Your prayers have been answered!

Now, Jenny is taking you to church anytime you need a swift $ixers kick in the pants. 

Introducing: Six & Up Sunday School: A Sunday Sermon Collection ⛪

We’ve curated 11 hours (and growing) of our most powerful Sunday Sermons and bundled them into one easy-to-watch collection. Get inspired, motivated, and revved up on repeat any day of the week! After all, who said sermons were just reserved for Sundays?

Can we get an AMEN? 🙏

Course curriculum

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    $ix and Up Sunday School: A Sunday Sermon Collection

    Show Content
    • Make the Last Week of the Month Your Money-Maker

    • The Difference Between people who charged $$$$ -vs- $$

    • Why You’ve Been Putting Up with BS

    • 5 Tell-Tale Signs You Don’t Bet On Yourself

    • Getting Over Self-Doubt When Offering a New Service

    • What IS Money Attracted to?

    • Weekend Pitches > Weekday Pitches

    • What's REALLY Killing Your Goals

    • BS That’s Making Your Biz Painful

    • Goal Setting & Reaching!

    • Why You Need to Stop Asking “Why Am I Not Successful Yet?”

    • 6 Success Lessons From Power of Your Subconscious Mind

    • Use Your Freelance Business to Support Your BIGGEST Dreams

    • How to Get Rich in Mind

    • How to Keep Your Business Flowing During Family Time

    • How to Stay Positive Long Enough to Land a Client

    • Why You Are Terrified to Keep Showing Up

    • Come walk with me and focus on what’s going right (Hint It’s working!)

    • What are you focused on?

    • Making decisions from the place of who you want to be, not from your current circumstances

    • You're still working for free and why YOU are 100% responsible for every last project you want to get paid for

    • Your Dream Isn't Made for ANYONE ELSE!

    • Money and Marriage