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    $ix and Up Sunday School: A Sunday Sermon Collection

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    • Make the Last Week of the Month Your Money-Maker

    • The Difference Between people who charged $$$$ -vs- $$

    • Why You’ve Been Putting Up with BS

    • 5 Tell-Tale Signs You Don’t Bet On Yourself

    • Getting Over Self-Doubt When Offering a New Service

    • What IS Money Attracted to?

    • Weekend Pitches > Weekday Pitches

    • What's REALLY Killing Your Goals

    • BS That’s Making Your Biz Painful

    • Goal Setting & Reaching!

    • Why You Need to Stop Asking “Why Am I Not Successful Yet?”

    • 6 Success Lessons From Power of Your Subconscious Mind

    • Use Your Freelance Business to Support Your BIGGEST Dreams

    • How to Get Rich in Mind

    • How to Keep Your Business Flowing During Family Time

    • How to Stay Positive Long Enough to Land a Client

    • Why You Are Terrified to Keep Showing Up

    • Come walk with me and focus on what’s going right (Hint It’s working!)

    • What are you focused on?

    • Making decisions from the place of who you want to be, not from your current circumstances

    • You're still working for free and why YOU are 100% responsible for every last project you want to get paid for

    • Your Dream Isn't Made for ANYONE ELSE!

    • Money and Marriage