An 8-Week, High-Intensity Publicity Bootcamp Designed to Knock You Out of Obscurity and Into Fame, Authority, and Cold, Hard Ca$h

Are you famous?

If not, you should be. And you absolutely can be. 

I don’t say that lightly

As head shark of Pink Shark PR, and as someone who writes and pitches headlines all day, creates projects that pairs Hollywood’s A-list with our clients, and can build a press tour that leads to TV shows, New York Times features and increased sales, when I say “you can be famous”…

I mean that YOU too can absolutely create the kind of fame and authority that would change your life, business and level of impact right now. 

Not later. Not when someone else decides you’re worthy. 

But NOW. 

There’s only one person in the entire world that can make your famous.

And that person is you. 

You just have to know how to manufacture it.

I manufacture fame every single day as part of my legacy, some days on autopilot even. So I am the PERFECT person to tell you that there is ZERO reason to be talented and unseen.

Unseen = unpaid.

Or at least paid way less (with a lot more effort and “proof”) than if you were famous in your field.

When you’re unseen, you have to deal with some of these unpleasant side of effects of not being famous:

* You’re amazing at what you do, but people always want to see “samples” of you work 

* Your rates are rarely accepted AS IS, at least not without argument, a sob-story, or a nervous client wanting “guarantees”

* You never really know where your next lead is coming from, and you’re sick AF of trying to prove yourself 

* Your content is GOOD sh*t, but it just doesn’t stand out 

* Your dream is creative (and you’re damn good), but you just can’t see HOW to rise above the noise and all the millions of other people trying to “make it” 

* You’re caught in the cycle of paying your dues (sample projects, auditions, query letters, etc)

* You want to be known as THE leader in a certain industry, but it doesn’t really feel up to you - there are other people who’ve been around longer, who are you to step out front and center?

* You want to break into Hollywood, but it feels largely out of your control 

You want to break into consulting, but nobody knows you from Adam 

* You’d fall over dead if you had a waiting list from INCOMING leads — right now you’re lucky if you have two fresh leads a month… and you have to hustle for those 

* You want celebrities, Fortune 500 companies, public figures and influencers on the client roster, but don’t have a f*cking clue how to make that happen

I can go on and on, but I think the picture is clear…

Fame is not a product of luck, it's a product of design. 

Creating fame, authority and visibility around your business and brand is a lot easier than you realize. Yes, it takes some leg-work and creativity, but you’re not years away from that Today Show interview, or Forbes feature — you’re one captivating pitch away. 

And I’m ready to help you make that pitch happen, now. 

Introducing... PR Star Bootcamp!

We’re wasting ZERO time putting you in the spotlight.

I've had 3 reporters reach out to me during the holidays looking for authoritative, engaging, inspiring (and bossy) stories for January. That's the fame-machine working over time (even during the holidays) because the news never stops. 

So, here’s how I’m going to help you be part of it. 

I’m a bootcamp gal. I love short, intense sprints of hyper-focused activities. I like getting all up in your sh*t, kicking your ass out of complacency, out from behind the wall, and up front where everyone can see you. 

And I love the results our bootcamps are known for.

(It may sound scary, but I promise the first response you get from a reporter, TV producer or publisher — you’re gonna DIE from happiness. And then you’re going to want to do it again, and again, and again.) 

Here’s how the PR Star Bootcamp works:

I get you, and your fame goals for 8 solid weeks. You’ll work with me and a small group of fame-creating juggernauts, who are ready to be known, seen and paid. 

This high-intensity, fame-focused PR bootcamp is designed to take down BIG goals in a short period of time. We’re pitching your story, crafting exciting headlines, positioning you to be every reporters favorite source, and stacking each and every bit of press so you can build momentum, fame, and authority. 

Suddenly, your ideal client, producer, publisher, whoever, sees you everywhere. 

They can’t escape you.

And it’s seared into their brain that YOU have the IT factor. 

The “It Factor” that they need. 

Remember, that’s not by accident. We are designing fame. 

This is all on purpose.

During PR STAR BOOTCAMP, You’ll Learn: 

During our 8 weeks together, I’ll be showing you the ways of the Pink Shark (kinda sounds like Jedi training vibes doesn’t it?) 

I’ll be teaching, and training you using the same proprietary “fame-hacking” methods we use to create fame for our Pink Shark clients. 

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll master in PR Star Bootcamp: 

—> What a press tour actually is, why you need one, and how to build one that “stacks fame” and creates buzz around who you are and what you offer 

—> How to leverage the press to get in front of elite clients and customers, by becoming MORE elite than they are (snobby sells). 

—> How to build a solid network, and mutually beneficial relationships with reporters and media contacts who want to feature you regularly in some of the top media outlets and publications (FYI I built Pink Sharks’ media network from scratch, completely cold)

—> How to create creative, press-worthy campaigns that excite celebrities and other public figures who are “out of your league” to participate in your project

—> How to create a long-term BIG fame vision, and use that vision to work “backwards” on your press goals to start creating who you want to be in the press NOW

Because this is a bootcamp, and not a leisurely stroll down information avenue, you’ll be putting each one of the weekly lessons into action as we build your press tour and jump out into the real world of building buzz around your business together. 

There will be weekly homework, goal-setting, benchmarks to hit, people to pitch, headlines to design. 

You’ll be constructing your own Pink Shark-style press tour, hitting up reporters and taking advantage of press opportunities...

All while the rest of the world is still waking up from their holiday break.


(1 payment of $2200)

(2 payments of $1250)

(3 payments of $875)

 Get ready to be visible.

You will be seen

Even the simplest move of linking a feature article to your pitch, or adding a logo to your website will mean an automatic pay raise and higher caliber client. 

You may think being seen is scary — but the truth is — staying behind the scenes is much scarier.  

Press is only terrifying when you’re on the sidelines, but once you jump in -  it’s crazy f*cking addictive. 

You’re actively creating who you want to be in the world, and using the media as your magic wand to make it happen.

Pink Shark clients have been seen in:

What You Get: 

—> 8 weekly “fame lessons” proprietary to Pink Shark PR. We’re bringing out the big publicity guns, and we’re hooking you up with the best fame-making strategies to build a solid publicity runway as soon as we dive in.

—> 8 weekly LIVE group “fame coaching” calls with Jenny. On the call, that week’s selected “hotspot” boot campers will share their process and homework with the group for coaching and feedback from a top Hollywood publicist.

—> An exciting, active Facebook community run bootcamp-style with support and accountability from Jenny and other boot campers.

… Damn I’m excited to hop in and I WORK here ;) 

(aka how it breaks down) 

FAME LESSON 1: A-List Vision 

When we’re working with Pink Shark clients, we don’t lift a finger for a client until we know exactly who they want to be, and what they want as the most famous, realized version of themselves. And then from their most famous version of themselves, the “I really made it” version - is where we start our best work. 

We work backwards, to quantum leap fame forwards — you feel me?

Remember, you get to create who you want to be from scratch, starting now. So now is the time to really go for it. 

Who do you want to become? That is the most important question you can ask yourself. 

We’ll kick off the first week, getting crystal clear on who you are at your highest level of fame, the narrative you want to control in the press, and how you want to be known from sea to shining sea. 

WARNING: Be prepared to go bigger. Much bigger. 

FAME LESSON 2: Building Your Press Tour 

Cue Olaf, Elsa and Anna and ask yourself, “Do you wanna build a press tour?”

Not to throw anyone under the bus, but have you ever seen someone land a one-off article in Forbes or Entrepreneur just to never be heard from again? One off articles don’t do much for publicity, and while they can lend a pop of credibility to your pitches or bio — they certainly aren’t enough to snowball into new clients and credibility. 

In Fame Lesson 2, I’m going to share what I mean when I say “press tour” and show you how we build them for maximum leverage and impact. Remember, the game of press is one of momentum, so how you stack your press efforts matter!

You’ll start building the skeleton of your own press tour, each part working to support your big vision and long-term press goals. 

FAME LESSON 3: Make Friends with the Media 

It’s a sobering statistic. Credible journalists of major media outlets receive on average anywhere from 200-300 pitches per day. 

How do you stand out? 

Well, first by pitching the right ones. Reporters are tricky to make friends with, but once you have them on your contacts list - they’re some of the most loyal, professional pals you can have. They key is to know who’s worth the effort, and learn how to leverage those efforts into maximum press coverage. 

Pink Shark has an exciting roster of reporters, TV producers, podcast hosts, celebrities, who don’t just work with us - but expect to hear from us. We help them do their job well, and the key to a successful press tour is to have repeat press. During Week 3, we’ll jump into picking and nurturing the right contacts for your press tour and beyond. 

FAME LESSON 4: Stories That Sell 

If you want to be a press darling, you’re going to have to learn how to tell a story. Remember, dazzling stories don’t mean “perfect” they mean real, engaging, insightful, helpful. If you’re still holding on tight to fake humility, this is where it’s time to drop the act — because it kills your story and your ability to tell it. 

Learning how to spin your story depending on which outlet you’re pitching, and what’s going on in current events is an important part of building fame and driving momentum. 

In Fame Lesson 4, we’ll dive deep into the art of “story spinning,” positioning and leveraging “the spin” to stay on top of the headlines — and in front of your ideal client. 

FAME LESSON 5: Fame Hacking 

Fame hacking is a daily job. 

Press opportunities are hiding in plain sight, and they update by the hour — you just have to know where to look for them and how to make yourself relevant to conversation.

During week 5, I’ll show you the 5 press-getting moves  I have every new publicist at Pink Shark jump into the moment they take on a new account. This short-list of fame-hacking strategies are mega powerful, daily activities you need  to supercharge your visibility and fame goals almost immediately. 

FAME LESSON 6: Pitching for TV 

TV is a wild animal. 

An exciting, lucrative, mega fame boosting wild animal. How you pitch TV producers, and talk show hosts is a little bit different than how you pitch reporters (get ready to amp up the drama!). During week 6, I’ll show you how to go from TV nobody to the person who’s creating segments, finding weekly TV opportunities and is always invited to the studio.

FAME LESSON 7: The Creative Juggernaut 

Arguably, what Pink Shark PR is most known for. What launched Pink Shark into success SO fast, was we don’t think about press the same way. We don’t wait for you to decide to do something interesting, and build up small scraps of press until finally someone notices you. 

We don’t believe in waiting in line for ten years to “make it” or paying dues. Based on my 11 years of influencer-hacking prowess, Pink Shark creates huge, creative campaigns that turn heads, get celebrities attention and skyrocket our clients from unknown, to partnering with A-list celebrities and charities in the blink of an eye. 

In Fame Lesson 7, we’re going to work on design your own creative juggernaut, the center of your fame-building universe, that helps launch you out of the crowd and into fame table with people who are (at least on paper) out of your league, creating the media buzz and frenzy to follow. 

FAME LESSON 8: Fame Machine 

In Fame Lesson 8, we’re putting your entire press tour to work — each of the pieces moving and building momentum together.

With every piece of press is the opportunity for three more headlines, and I’ll show you how I use each win, each conversation, to stack press mentions, build social followings, email lists, and drive to your most lucrative offer.


(1 Payment of $2200)

(2 Payments of $1250)

(3 Payments of $875)

Fame Isn’t Just for A-List Actors

It isn’t a product of good luck, extreme talent, or being chosen by the powers that be.

 Fame isn’t just for extroverts, and performers, and people with bullet-proof self-confidence. Or for people who are already well-known, or shout the loudest.  

The fame you create, is the most outward expression, the biggest declaration, the firmest grip on who you want to be and the realization that only you can give that to yourself. It is not being withheld by anyone, other than you. 

And how you show up in the media, in every bio, in every TV appearance solidifies who you are-without question- to the world. 

Fame is not a vanity project. 

It is you claiming the respect, authority, and income that represents who you really want to become, who you really are. And what you’re really capable of. 

Right there, spelled out in print. Where you (your biggest critic of all) can’t deny how great you actually are. That is perhaps, the greatest gift of fame. 

It’s you saying goodbye to inconsistent money, opportunities, and being just another person with a skill to sell out in the crowd. 

Creating fame, deliberately, intentionally, is having a large-scale conversation with your ideal client, viewer, reader. It’s sharing your story in the most powerful, helpful, and lucrative way. 

It’s jet-fuel for your dreams, and shuts down any question of credibility.  

It doesn’t matter that up until this point, you’ve played quietly behind the scenes. It doesn’t matter. Today you get to decide to rise up. To be one of the elite. To be unquestionably an expert, an authority, a juggernaut of your industry and one that gets exactly what they want - without a ton of effort. 

I  want to challenge you, that fame is NOT optional. 

And if you are the best of the best, it will NEVER matter - until you’re seen as the best. 

Are you ready to be seen, to be paid, to be prominent?

I’m ready for you. 

 Welcome to PR Star Bootcamp.✨ 


(1 Payment of $2200)

(2 Payments of $1250)

(3 Payments of $875)

Pay In Full Bonus 

When you say “hell yes!” to claiming your fame and pay in full for PR Star Bootcamp, you will get this mug designed to remind you that you are a PRESS DARLING and that your destiny is to keep them all talking in 2020. 

Fill her up every morning with coffee, tea, whiskey (just kidding - or am I 😏) before you pitch reporters to remind yourself just how press-worthy you are!

Jenny Beres

Instructor Bio:

Ten years ago Jenny went from her last $75 bucks as a struggling waitress to launching her own freelance copywriting business that she scaled to six-figures.She didn’t have a fancy website (or any website) when she locked down her first $100K with just two clients, a hotmail account and every Friday off.Fast forward to now and that’s exactly what Jenny helps new and experienced freelancers do. Make more money with fewer clients. Thanks to her bestie-in-crime Alex, they scaled Jenny's original business to multiple six-figures while helping others earn their first six-figs and beyond.Jenny also loves to eat. A lot.

Jenny Beres

Co-Founder of Six & Up CEO and Pink Shark PR

Course curriculum

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    Welcome to PR Star Bootcamp! 🌟

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    • Welcome!

  • 02

    Fame Lesson #1

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    • Fame Lesson #1 PDF

    • Vision Video 1 - What is Vision + What Does it Do For You?

    • Vision Video 2 - You at Your Most Famous

    • Vision Video 3 - Tools for Honing Your Vision

    • Visibility Video 1 - Vision Cures Fear of Visibility

    • Visibility Video 2 - The Brand is Bullshit

    • Visibility Video 3 - The Benefits of Buzz

  • 03

    Fame Lesson #2

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    • Building Your Press Tour Video 1: What is a Press Tour?

    • Building Your Press Tour Video 2: Wild and Impossible Goal

    • Building Your Press Tour Video 3: Reverse Engineer Your Destiny

    • Building Your Press Tour Video 4: How You Create Fame

    • Fame Lesson #2 Homework PDF

    • DIY Press Flowchart PDF

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    Fame Lesson #3

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    • Fame Lesson #3

    • Pitch Examples PDF

    • Video 1: Make The Media Your BFF

    • Video 2: Befriending the Right Contacts

    • Video 3: Make Their Jobs Easier

    • Video 4: Support Your New Media Friends - Online and Off

    • Video 5: Leverage News-Cycles to Help Reporters Stay on Top

    • Video 6: Making Initial Contact- What to Say and How to Say It

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    Fame Lesson #4

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    • Fame Lesson #4 Homework

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    • Fame Lesson #4 Pitch Examples







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    Fame Lesson #5

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    • Fame Lesson #5 Homework

    • Fame Lesson #5 Outline

    • Video 1: What is Fame Hacking

    • Video 2: The Pop Culture/Celebrity Name Fame Hack

    • Video 3: Hack Where Reporters Are Asking For Help

    • Video 4: Hack Your Own Story

    • Video 5: Hack Your Own Source

    • Video 6: Hack What You Can Give For Free

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    Fame Lesson #6

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