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Are you ready to learn the #1 strategy I used to make 6-figures with just two clients, no website & 3-day weekends? | taught by Jenny Beres

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Pitching Masterclass for Feral Freelancers

How to make your favorite brands and companies fall head over hire for YOU

Hey Freelancers!
(I’m looking at you copywriters, coders, designers, social media peeps) 

Tired of the job boards, content mills and creepy Craigslist? 

Want to make more money with less clients? (Yes, that’s a thing!)

Would you like to retire on a yacht in the middle of the Mediterranean (OK, so I threw that in for marketing flair, but I guess with a WiFi connection, anything is possible).

It’s time to learn, embrace and rock out pitching.


Freelancers who make serious bank have one MAJOR thing in common - they pitch.

Pitch? Pitch what? Pitch to who?

Look, let’s get personal for a minute. You’re not going to become a six-figure freelancer scouring the Internet for posted gigs. But you WILL become a six-figure freelancer by going out and creating your own clients and that means getting your sweet mug in front of the brands and companies you WANT to work for - oh, and who also have BUDGETS to pay you.

Novel idea, isn’t it?

In my Pitching Masterclass for Feral Freelancers I’m going to share with you how I pitched my way to a six-figure freelance business. Two clients. No website. $100K.

And I used a hotmail email address to boot!

What most freelancers don’t understand is that there are companies who are ready and willing to pay market rates (not content farm insults) for your work.


Because they understand and NEED what you bring to the table.

OK, great. But how do you get noticed? What do you say/write/smoke signal that will persuade them to give YOU the time of day.

In my three hour Pitching Masterclass for Feral Freelancers, 
you’ll learn everything you need to know about:

-->Strategies to find companies to pitch  
Which HUGE companies routinely scoop up and hire freelancers

-->How many pitches you should be doing per month to be effective

-->How to find the right person at the company

-->How to write an enticing cold email + pitch

-->How to pitch during a phone meeting

-->Email headlines that get READ (and answered)

So… What the heck should even be in the pitch?

In the class I’ll provide you with examples of my own successful emails (YAY for samples) to help get you started.

This is NOT your mama’s pitching school & business class. While I appreciate a lot of traditional business advice, I made my money by breaking the rules, gettin’ a little wild and really stepping out of my comfort zone. We don’t hope and pray for clients over here. We decide what we want and pitch our way to it.

We get noticed and dazzle our potential clients without seeing the bottom of a SPAM folder.

Ready to get in front of the companies and brands that want to hire you?

Here’s what you get:

-->1 3-hour masterclass + live Q&A with transcripts
-->9 1-page Pitching Masterclass eBook
-->Email samples
-->Pitch Please (a lead generator for your first 100 pitches)

No brainer investment



Jenny Beres
Jenny Beres
Co-Founder of Six & Up CEO and Pink Shark PR

Jenny Beres is the Co-Founder of Six and Up and Pink Shark PR, where she's busy helping her clients get rich, famous or both. An Influencer Outreach powerhouse, Jenny was one of the first ever pioneers of Influencer Marketing, and her proprietary sales strategies have helped big companies 10X their Influencer generated sales. 

Through Six and Up courses and coaching, she helps other entrepreneurs become world-class service providers, strategists and leading experts in their field - with a multiple six-figure income (scaling to a million) to match.

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