Pitch Your Heart Out

taught by Jenny Beres

Course description


Is it time to up your pitching game?

When I talk to someone who LOVES pitching vs. someone who finds it a total drag — the difference in attitude usually comes down to one thing.


Once you start pitching in a way that puts money in your pocket -  pitching becomes pretty addictive

And why wouldn’t it be?

It’s a real-life magic-cash-explosion-genie that when done well, can put any amount of $$ in your pocket.

Not getting those results?

Let’s change that starting Monday.

In our 3-day FREE training PITCH YOUR HEART OUT, you’ll:

—> Uncover why your pitches are getting ignored…and become the person they look forward to seeing in their inbox

—> Learn how to sell $10K offers via email

—> Explore proven methods to get potential clients to interact with your pitches immediately

—> Know what to do to go from cold to “gold” on the first email

—> Discover how to turn any skill of yours into a sellable pitch!

—> Master email-closing strategies that catch the attention (and Paypals) of BIG companies

Y’all know me as the OG Pitch Pastor, and this training isn’t like ANYTHING you’ve seen elsewhere — the best part about my trainings? We give you actionable steps, that when implemented can make you money IMMEDIATELY.

Nobody pitches better than I do (brush my shoulder off) and so if you wanna be the best, you better learn from the best ;)

Drop your info to get the deets - and go from pitching amateur to a motherf*cking money machine.

Jenny Beres
Jenny Beres
Co-Founder of Six & Up CEO and Pink Shark PR

Jenny Beres is the Co-Founder of Six and Up and Pink Shark PR, where she's busy helping her clients get rich, famous or both. An Influencer Outreach powerhouse, Jenny was one of the first ever pioneers of Influencer Marketing, and her proprietary sales strategies have helped big companies 10X their Influencer generated sales. 

Through Six and Up courses and coaching, she helps other entrepreneurs become world-class service providers, strategists and leading experts in their field - with a multiple six-figure income (scaling to a million) to match.