"Checking in!"

How many times have you sent that email -- or it's twin sister ---

"Following up!"

Newsflash ⚡️ They don't care.

You've sent this same email 900 times.

(one time fine -- but now, c'mon!)

And let's be honest, they couldn't care less if you're checking in, checking out, or drop off the face of the planet all together. 😵

Harsh? Maybe.

True? Absolutely.

Stop saying things like:

"My schedule is filling up!" (no, it's not - if it was you wouldn't have time to write that damn email)

"I only have room for 3 more clients" ( when you're as open as a front door in the midwest)

"Wanted to follow up and see if you're still interested? (if you have to ask, they're not)

If it looks like I just hacked your inbox and read your last 3 emails...or summarized your last 3 phone calls....

If you're getting ignored, if you're stuck in a cycle of "my pitches don't work", or pitching feels like it's gonna take forever, or you can't close on demand...

If you feel f*cking powerless.


You're copying templates.

You're reading what subject lines you "should use"

You're doing all the "admin" work, the research

And you're not ACTUALLY mastering what pitching is.

Mastering HOW to pitch is the key that unlocks the kingdom and frees you from schmuck-ville.

(Hi me again! Noooooooo)

In Pitch Your Way Rich Alex and I FREE you from showing up like a desperate amateur, who has NO idea what they're building...

To be a pitching master, with a HUGE vision, BIG revenue, and confidence to sell out the BUTT.

You have the opportunity to learn from me, The Pitch Pastor.

Let me help you master the process, so you can start creating wealth ON DEMAND.

(and you've seen my shortlist of results, right?)

ONE pitch can be 100's of thousands of dollars in contracts...

It is for us 🤷🏻‍

And it can be for you too....

BUT you're gonna keep throwing spaghetti against the wall, and checking in, instead of ponying it up and MASTERING it??

You could have your first $40K month NEXT month.

But not without mastering the pitch. It just doesn't happen.

Ready to Pitch Your Way Rich and get on this side of the pitching pool (the water is fiiiiiine people!)

Here's where to DECLARE you're cashing in on the Power of Pitching!!

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