Lock down $10K in recurring income in 4 weeks (or less). 

💵 With no website, paid advertising or “warm” leads 

💵 Even if you’re brand new

💵 Even if you’re an “expert” who’s been trying to hit $10K months for years

💵 Even if you currently have no marketing strategy or zero leads in your inbox 

💵 Even if you have not been consistent in selling

Here's the bottom line: 

If you can write a simple email, then you can make $10K in recurring income in 4 weeks or less. 

If you can consistently show up and send that simple email a few times a day…

Then you will always have leads in your inbox, and money in your account.

You will never make less than six-figures again.

You will experience what it feels like to be the person who can create "cash on demand.”

     (This is 100% my reality.)

The truth is you can have new clients raining down on your inbox every day too. 

You know that diamond concierge client we just landed? 

I knew the second I saw her post that she was going to hire me. 

I knew exactly how it would go. I’d write a simple Golden Cover Letter and within days Pink Shark would be hired. 

A few days and multi thousands of dollars later — I was right. 💎

And guess what?

This happens to me all.the.time.

And it gets to happen to you too. 

 Once I figured out how to leverage Golden Cover Letters and master cold pitches — the Internet became my magic-money-making-genie. 🧞‍♂️

Back in the day, this is how I went from making $0 to locking down $5K in a week. 

No website. No portfolio. No experience.  

My shit just lands. 

And our clients?

Their shit lands too. 


($247/month for 5 months)

Not hitting your income goals is completely optional. 

Everyday, there are companies publicly posting that they need your help. Wildly waving their arms across the Internet begging for your help.    

And you are ignoring them. 
(You are. Don’t argue.)

Using what we teach inside Get the Gig Bootcamp we've had: 

  • Clients go from killing themselves to make $1K a month to making 10x that for a fraction of the work.
  • People struggling to scale past $5K months hit consistent $30K months 
  • Clients who were struggling to scrape together $2K hitting $15K months with ease
  • And consistent $10K months has always been the sweet spot for many of our clients over the years 

What in the hell did all these people do to make all this money?

They worked with me to master their Golden Cover Letter, perfect their cold pitch and sent them every damn day without excuses. 

And boom. 💥

There wasn’t a single day that went by that new clients and leads weren't falling in their laps. 

F*ck man, when you’re consistent and good, you get even better.


($247/month for 5 months)

Every damn day you get the pick of the client litter. It’s really as simple as that. Each day there are more opportunities, more clients begging you for your help - but only if you know where to look and you know how to get their attention. 

And wanna know something crazy? 

From the exact process I’ve just described to you, I personally have more leads sitting in my inbox than I can reply to right now. It's actually kind of giving me anxiety. Just kidding - I’m cool with an extra $25K this month for the company 😉 

But this doesn’t just apply to me. 

You can blow up your income up out of nowhere by combining the superpowers of the cold pitch and Golden Cover Letter. 

Pair that with major consistency and... 

You (yes, you) get to stack $10K in recurring income over the next 4 weeks too. 

So, here’s the exciting news. 

For the first time in years, Alex and I are rolling out the OG make-that-cash bootcamp that launched so many six and multiple six-figure businesses out of thin air. 


And when I say it’s better than ever - you better believe it. 

Here’s how it works:

For 4 life-changing weeks you'll learn: 

>> How to master the same "Golden Cover Letters" I use to stand out over thousands of other people online and land clients immediately that are worth $10K (or more) 

>> How to create head-turning cold emails that have new leads begging to get on the phone with you 

>> What never to do in a Golden Cover Letter or cold pitch (if you actually want to make the sale) 

>> The truth about where the best clients are hiding in plain sight 

How it works: 

💰 Each person will have one Golden Cover Letter and one cold pitch workshopped by me personally. 

💰 Accountability check-ins every day inside our private Facebook group

💰One "power sales" call per week 

💰The first two weeks you'll master and send a set number of Golden Cover Letters each day as you learn how to cherry-pick your ideal client from the online crowd 

💰The second two weeks you'll send a set number of cold pitches each day (that we've mastered together) to your list of personalized cold leads 


($247/month for 5 months)

If you show up and do what I tell you to do, how I tell you do it, by the time you’re done with Get the Gig Bootcamp you will have sent over 120 mastered Golden Cover Letters and pitches under my watch.


All driving towards $10K in new, recurring sales 💰

Say hello to your new income level. It’s right here. Right now. 

For reference, our clients have landed 5-figure projects from the Golden Cover Letter on only their second try. 

Get the Gig is the ultimate rip-off-the-bandaid bootcamp that takes you from wishing and praying for clients, to $10K months...in just 4 (intense, exciting) weeks. 

Ready to step out of inconsistent income, confusion, and “trying” to hit your next level?

Are you more than ready to lock down $10K in recurring income in the next 4 weeks and never worry about how to land clients and cash again?

Here’s where you Get the Gig and get on with it. 


($247/month for 5 months)