You’re sitting on a wealth of knowledge. So why not package that info up and take it to the bank?!

You’ve got skills on top of skills on top of skills, we know you do. What we also know is that you can optimize them RIGHT NOW to skyrocket the next phase of your career, your income, and your dreams. But if you’re holding back we’d bet it’s because you don’t know the next first step. 


What you need to know is that YOU’RE not a one trick pony. Why make your business one?


Millionaires don’t make their moola from a single stream of income. They go from mildly successful to private-jet-status by creating MULTIPLE streams of income. They don’t just sit back and live off their first big idea, they explore EVERY idea in their Rolodex and turn them into cash money.


Ask us how we know?


Our business has been built on the core belief that we are multi-faceted creators. When we first started, Jenny was a six-figure copywriter and all it took was Alex making a teeny nudge to get her to turn that skill into PROFIT overnight.

In 'COURSE YOU CAN, that’s EXACTLY what we’re going to teach you how to do.


In this 3-part mini-course we’re going to discuss everything you need to know to turn your talents into money-making online courses and coaching offers. 


'COURSE YOU CAN will give you the confidence you need to take your copy writing, digital creation, personal coaching, fitness coaching, whatever it is and sell it in a pretty little package that people will be BEGGING for.


Your business shouldn’t only rely on one way to make money, because if that stream dries for a little while you NEED another one to keep things flowing. Now’s the time to give yourself options…because options are NEVER a bad thing.

Think you’re not ready to launch a course? Think you can’t possibly make money coaching people in your skill?


We’re here to tell you…’COURSE YOU CAN!!

Ready to take go from know it all to paid course creator?

(Pay in Full $197)

(Payment Plan 3 X $77)