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Who’s ready to be a Baby Shark?

Ok, so FIRST a total confession - I am SO excited to tell you about Baby Shark that I have gotten up from my computer like THREE times and have done this weirdo dance around my room to the “Baby Shark” song.

If somehow you do not know the Baby Shark song, you must watch this in its entirety.

So, for some context… It’s no secret that Alex and I are massively, head-over-heels in love with our Hollywood PR agency, Pink Shark. It’s funny because you always hear these stories of whirlwind romances where two people didn’t realize they were falling in love, or even looking for love and next thing you know they’re standing on some beach in Jamaica saying “I do.”

We expect that kind of thing in “love,” but we definitely don’t expect that kind of whirlwind romance to happen in business.

Now, I know better. And honestly, now I can’t have it any other way.

Anyway, that’s how Pink Shark popped onto our scene.

Pink Shark was the Jim to our Pam. 😂 (Side note: I’m currently binge watching the Office for the FIRST TIME 😱)

Since we’ve started rolling with PR, we’ve done some amazing things for and with our clients. We’ve gotten them full-freaking-features in The New York Times, whisked them off to the Emmy’s, helped them create TV shows, and have landed them influencer deals worth 5-figures.

What makes Pink Shark different is…everything. 

We don’t believe in rules or limitations, we don’t believe in “industry-standards” and we are master geniuses at getting attention for people who are worth seeing, regardless of how you’re “supposed” to break in. Oh, and the 10 years of influencer sales experience helps a whole shit ton too. LOL

But the BEST part of this whole journey is everyone who’s been itching to be part of Pink Shark in some way.

We have lots of meetings with “baby sharks” - amazing , creative people who are working on INCREDIBLE things. Entrepreneurs, writers, artists, and they want to start innovating their fame and making headlines NOW. They want to blow up a book online. Or get their first column. Or get their first influencer gig.

And until today, I’ve had to turn them away.

Not because they aren’t brilliant, and certainly not because they should wait to start press — but because they just weren’t ready for a full-blown PR agency to come in and take the reins.

So, we created something AMAZING for anyone who wants to start leveraging press, landing influencer gigs, TV shows, interviews with BIG publications NOW. Even if your business doesn’t yet support a full-on PR agency.

And that’s where Baby Shark comes in.

Baby Shark is Pink Shark PR’s debut 6-week DIY PR course, that doesn’t teach you run-of-the-mill PR strategies. We teach you how to get press and attention the innovative, Pink Shark, creative AF, “we’re breaking all the rules and heading to Coachella” way.

Who’s Baby Shark For?

Baby Shark is perfect for business owners, authors, creatives, PR professionals, or publicist wannabes  who want to learn how to have the “Media Midas Touch” and  leverage proprietary Pink Shark press strategies to get seen and paid NOW. 

Baby Shark is perfect for those who want to learn how to create actual buzz that generates income, fame, credibility, massive income producing opportunities  by positioning YOU as an A-lister in your industry. 

Pink Shark PR clients come to us because they are sick of playing by their manager’s rules, or their agent’s rules, or their publisher’s rules, or business rules. 

They want to be known NOW. 

And that’s what Pink Shark does SO differently. We leverage your creative genius, into a drool-worthy media story, create buzz around YOU being the IT factor and design amazing creative campaigns with you at the center that get people who are “out of your league” to want to be involved in YOUR work.

This is how we get major celebrities interested in partnering with our clients. 

And HOW we do it, what our process looks like is what we’re bottling and selling inside Baby Shark. 

We’re talking the big leagues, baby. 

You may not be ready to have a full-blown PR agency, but every artist, entrepreneur, and creative who is actively creating cool AF sh*t IS ready for buzz and next-level momentum. 

You need press now. 

Your clients need press now. 

Your book needs press now. 

You need press as much as you need sales. 

Imagine, if you could create fame for yourself (and/or your clients) on demand. 

How would that change your business?

Your cash flow?

Opportunity isn’t just sitting around waiting for you to get your sh* together. But fame is available for you to create at ANY time. 

Let that sink in. 

While you’re twiddling your thumbs, stuck inside your head wondering if you’re “good enough” to get press, I’m hear to remind you that you should have started 6 months ago. 

(Press is a lot like outsourcing. No matter when you start, you should have done it yesterday.)

We’re not built to create in a vacuum, and if you’re pouring your heart and soul into your business, your book, your acting career, and not seeing any momentum, eventually you’ll say what’s the point and stop creating. 

Your work is meant to be SEEN and get you PAID.

What You’ll Learn in Baby Shark 

How to be rich and famous. 

..and no, we’re not kidding.

Or at least rich and famous enough to then turn around and hire Pink Shark to take over. 😉

Here’s a snapshot of what we’ll cover: 

🦈 How we get BIG celebrity and celebrity teams (i.e. Carrie Underwood) to respond to emails and show interest in the empire you’re building.  

🦈 How to create an interactive, press-worthy event that showcases YOU as the expert/authority/famous person in question where everyone (A-list, studios, publishers, managers, etc) want to BE involved. Even if they have NO idea who you are right now. 

🦈 How to start building relationships with mainstream journalists and get featured in BIG time press like The New York Times, The New York Post, Business Insider, Wall Street Journal, Elle etc. 

🦈 How to woo TV and talk show hosts so they want YOU on their show. 

🦈 How to pitch yourself as a headline (fun fact, most subject lines that I pitch for our clients end up being the headline the reporter uses!) 

🦈 How to get the RIGHT press campaign pulled together so you can finally land that blue check on Instagram. 

🦈 How to use press to leverage social media and get your first PAID influencer gig. 

(That’s a hell of a snapshot, right?) 

How Baby Shark Breaks Down 

Module #1 - How to build solid relationships with the reporters who’ll make you shine 

Having a healthy, genuine relationship with writers and editors amd reporters is critical to getting your pitches seen and you published. But reporters receive on average 200 pitches PER DAY. We’re going to show you exactly how we build relationships with the reporters who have the ability to put you in the spotlight, and want to write about you over and over again. 

At Pink Shark when our clients have relationships with journalists, its never for just one-and-done-article. Each publication/reporter that we connect with provides multiple pieces of press! 

Module #2 - You are the Headline (how to pitch your story and get featured)

We write subject lines so good, that publications copy and paste them and use them for their own headline! After all, the subject line IS a headline and if it got their interest and stood out over hundreds of pitches - it’s sure to impress their readers :)

However, you have to know what’s newsworthy about your story to create a subject line that makes front page news. In this module, we’re going to break down how we pull the most interesting headlines from our client’s experience and create various angles for multiple publications, so you’re not just a one trick pony with one story to share. 

Module#3 - Creating interactive press campaigns that put you on the map 

Fame is interactive. Meaning, the sooner you give the world something to participate in, something to follow, something to care about, something to share -- the faster the fame (and all that $$) follows. 

We’ll show you exactly how to create an “event” that A-list stars and celebrities and influencers WAY out of your current league are chomping at the bit to be part of. You’ll go from somebody nobody’s heard of to the person launching/hosting/launching the most show-stopping new event (online or otherwise) of the year. 

Module #4 - Not all PR is created equal 

You know the old saying, “bad press is better than no press”right?

Not so fast. If you want to create fame, being selective about HOW you show up in the press is everything. After all, you have the power to 100% control the story that’s being hold, but controlling how it’s told and where you show up is also important. 

Many agencies are deploying outdated content marketing strategies and calling it publicity - but this backwards way of getting into the press does very little for your image (and can even hurt some of your endeavors like getting blue checks on FB and Instagram).   

We’ll cover the difference between features, content marketing, content partnerships, curated pieces, press mentions, and influencer gigs - and how to know when it’s time to use each one for a show-stopping press tour! Worried about SEO? Yeah, fame just takes care of that.

Module #5 - Paid After Press 

Press is nice, paychecks are better ;) Great news, you’re getting featured, reporters love you and you just did your first talk show appearance. Congrats! But how do you leverage all this new attention into cold hard cash? 

We’ll break down how we transform increased following, news appearances, and feature articles into sponsorships, ambassadorships, speaking gigs, new clients and consulting from just one article or feature. 

Module #6 - Getting the Blue Check

The moment everyone’s been waiting for..learning how to set up your press campaigns to be easily Insta-verified. We’ll show you step-by-step via our most recent “blue check case study” how we took a client from denied to verified guaranteed. 

Chomping at the bait to be a Baby Shark?

Baby Shark kicks off on october 29th, 2019 and what we LOVE about each module is that you can kick off your own press campaign RIGHT from day 1. Baby Shark is built for you to start getting press WHILE you’re enrolled in the course, so there’s no need to wait another 6 weeks before building up your fame, credibility and fan base. 

Ready to claim fame the Pink Shark way?

Inside The Guts of Pink Shark 

For the first (and only!) time, join me for the upcoming LIVE workshop: Inside The Guts of Pink Shark. 

Alex and I are pulling back the curtain, and showing you exactly how we work with Pink Shark clients,how we’re invading Hollywood, our pricing structure, how we run the team, onboard clients, and take clients who are TOTAL 10s for us, and help them go from press wallflowers to press winners. 

Whether you’re kicking around the idea of having your own PR firm, have clients you want to upsell PR services to, or simply know how the pros do it --this pay in full bonus is the PERFECT opportunity to get up close and personal with the Pink Sharks, ask us your questions and learn why and how Pink Shark is making BIG waves in the PR/Hollywood/creative scene.

One Last Note About Fame, Baby Shark, and getting the attention you deserve 

You know, how sometimes we have life experiences that we’re not 100% sure how they all fit together - but we know that they do? 

Pink Shark was such a culmination of all our dreams colliding at once. 

Our business, our art, our Hollywood dreams, used to be these segregated ideas. When I first started my copywriting business, it was to make a lot of money to support my writing dreams. Seemed to make sense, but again, very separate. I couldn’t see how A would lead to Z. 

And then I started working with influencers and big brands. I knew how to drive sales and attention to a company’s new product. I knew how to select influencers that were interesting, and buzzworthy. But again, separate from my Hollywood dreams (and anyone’s Hollywood dreams). And still separate from the press. 

But over the last year, something MAJOR shifted for both Alex and I. We realized that we knew how to innovate fame. That PR built on the backs of creative campaigns, influencer prowess, creative innovation, authentic hype, audience participation etc required NOBODY’S permission. That if you were actively creating, then you deserved to create out in the open -- and start seeing the money and the fame from that NOW. Not when someone picked up your book, or you hit $100K months in sales. But now. You get to be a star NOW. 

From that point we’ve gone on to use what we know about fame, influencer, and solid PR magic to create major buzz and a big book deal with a big 5 publisher for Alex’s book ELLIE IS COOL NOW. We have clients who went from basically NO visibility to being columnists in major publications, TV talk shows fitting them in on debut seasons, major charity events with some of Hollywood’s biggest studios, feature articles in The New York Times,  five figure influencer deals, and blue checks. 

The difference? Is we stopped waiting. We innovated. We don’t see you where you are now, or how many followers you have, or how visible you’ve been up to this point. 

We  see you on the A-list. At your most famous. In the most demand. And we know this is critical to your creation. 

To get seen. 

To get paid. 

And to build that momentum now. And live your creative and financial dreams to the absolute fullest. 

You’re already a star, now it’s time for the world to get on board. 

We love you, and can’t wait to see you inside Baby Shark!


Jenny + Alex

Jenny Beres
Jenny Beres
Co-Founder of Six & Up CEO and Pink Shark PR

Jenny Beres is the Co-Founder of Six and Up and Pink Shark PR, where she's busy helping her clients get rich, famous or both. An Influencer Outreach powerhouse, Jenny was one of the first ever pioneers of Influencer Marketing, and her proprietary sales strategies have helped big companies 10X their Influencer generated sales. 

Through Six and Up courses and coaching, she helps other entrepreneurs become world-class service providers, strategists and leading experts in their field - with a multiple six-figure income (scaling to a million) to match.

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